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Here you can find a vast choice of money-purses, in a variety of designs, colours, and styles. You are looking for an exclusive leather wallet? A classic elegant men's wallet or a fashionable stylish ladies' wallet? At our wallet megastore you can find your ideal card case as well as special wallets featuring lots of card pockets or drivers licence pockets. You may even find a clip wallet or a money clip. Not just perfect for yourself, an attractive high quality wallet of label would make an ideal present, too.

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Billabong - Boss - Bruno Banani - Bugatti - Camel Active - Chiemsee - Desigual - Diesel - Eagle Creek - Gianni Conti - Golden Head - Green Burry - Greenland - HIS - Hugo - Lacoste - Lecerf - Mano - Mywalit - O'Neill - Oxmox - Puma - Samsonite - Tommy Hilfiger
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